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20. The Unpredictability of Living with Chickens

Challenges of having ECO farm, reducing waste and dealing with cold, with losses and ICE method helping

19. Imagining Life as Four Horses to Ride

At the age of 50, the biggest transformation of my life, the simple but rare realization of seeing space, the four horses.

18. Let Your Life Move Through You

1. Eggs, chickens, cat, dog2. A driving experience.3. Understanding and the lack of it.4. We are all infinity.5. See the space, and see your life new

17. Notes on this world, sadness, the ICE Method and Snow on a hike.

Are you feeling sad about your life, our economy, events or some issues you are experiencing? I do One Nation Under Stress documentary and my feelings about it. Natur...

16. Our chickens and the future of money

New baby chicks and their first weeks on our happy farm. What is the future of money? Digital Asset and conversation with my friends Don and Fletcher about Ripple and ...

15. Notes for another planet: Remembering life in Nome, Alaska

What would you say about your life and this planet to a person from another planet? About our life in Nome, Alaska, and experience of a different life. About Inupiat E...

14. 800 Baby Chicks Arrive - Another Note

1. Anne and I welcome 800 Baby Chicks arriving at the Post Office2. Getting the chicks settled into their new home - a first drink of water.3. A bit of a note for that...

13. A Cross Country Bike Ride and The Ground of My Being

1. What's it like to bike across America?2. Hospitality Experienced.3. Beauty Seen.4. A Life Commitment.5. Hospitality.

12. Living from calm. Realizing source awareness.

1. Exercise and reflection on calm. 2.  Helping someone with a relationship upset. 3. Update on the Happy Hens

11. Returning to Calm, and an update on the Happy Hen Chickens

1. Update on the move to our new land.2. Keeping ourselves centered in calm.

Ep 10. We moved the flock, dissecting a tragedy, and something new - a cryptocurrency investment

1. 640 Happy Hens are now living at the new land of The Many Spokes Farm.2. Dealing with the 134 chickens we lost during the move - using The ICE Method to reconsolida...

09. Farm update, Healing update, source awareness.

Healing updates and practice, financial challenges on a farm, how to overcome anxiety and ICE method helping with podcasting

08. Chickens, Health, Wellness, Healing - It's All Miracle

What is a Miracle of living? What are health and healing? Figuring out what I'm supposed to do. This week's podcast pays attention to sessions this week, to healing fr...

07. Changing Climate and The Meaning of Life

A calm moment, climate and the sun and the meaning of life

06. Chickens, Calm and Living Out Loud

News from the farm: Two new roosters and visiting hens and collecting eggs. Introducing Out Loud as a way to experience a calm space

05. Miracles and Love Poems on my Birthday

Reflecting on the Miracle of Life, words from Love Poems From God, reflections on The ICE Method and new sprinklers.

04. On peace, helping two friends ICE and gay wedding reflections.

An episode on peace, helping two friends ICE, my hardest day on the farm and gay wedding reflections.

03. Thoughts on transience of life, how you can't control it, a gay wedding

Lars is talking about a gay wedding, the transience of life, how you can't control life, his dogs and chickens.

02. How chickens have become part of the spiritual life, achieving calm, and weeding the vegetable garden

Join Lars collecting eggs, weeding the vegetable garden, discover his healing journey and how he helps others achieve calm in their lives.

01. Using the awareness of space to reduce stress, Desmond Tutu on love, a broken chainsaw, and remembering Nome

Chicken farming, remembering pastoring in Nome, Alaska, Desmond Tutu on love, and using the awareness of space to reduce stress.

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